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I make play dough with my mom all the time, its really easy to make and loads of fun to play with. This picture tutorial will show you how to make homemade play dough (play doh) without cream of tarter. Cream of tarter just makes the play dough a bit more stretchy so if you […]

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When I lost my tooth the other day I decided to make some fairy donuts for the tooth fairy (never hurts to be nice to a fairy thats bringing you money). They are actually just cheerios that I decorated. For the sugared ones i dipped each cheerio in a little water then rolled them in […]

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I love felt food. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just because felt is really easy to use and everything looks so cute. I was looking through my moms craft draw the other day when I found a bag of felt that had been cut ready to make felt cookies and for whatever reason we […]

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My favourite sweet treat to make are melting moments they are a type of biscuits that melt in your mouth. They are really easy to make and taste great. They are especially nice with cream in the middle or dipped in melted chocolate. You will need 175g of soft butter 100g of icing sugar 175g […]

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