Sunny Days….

Charming camomiles

My favourite way to spend a sunny day outside is to hang out with my family. I have two younger brothers one aged 6 and my little baby brother who is one. He has just started walking and loves it when I chase him around the garden. He squeals and giggles and loves it when I show him all of the flowers. My other brother loves it when we play water fights. We both have super soakers and sometimes my mom lets us have water bombs. On really hot days my dad gets the pool out and we put the slide over the edge so we can slide straight into the pool and splash about.

Last summer me and my mom made ice pops with real strawberries and flowers from the garden….

Frozen strawberry juice










…..and giant ice cream sundaes with homemade blackberry and plum sauce which we made with fruits from the garden. For my dads birthday we always have a garden party and we decorate the garden with brightly coloured bunting and hang paper lanterns from the big plum tree that lit up as soon as the sun goes down. The garden always looks so pretty and is filled with the sounds of music and happiness.

So my most favourite way to spend a hot sunny day is hang out with the people I love and have fun with them. Last summer when my cousins came to visit we spent our days having adventures in our back garden. We had picnics and parties and made movies and music videos and we had the best time ever. Here is the first ever music video we made that summer, it stars me and my cousin Alex and it was filmed by my other  cousin the awesome Ella-Mae.

I love you guys. Thanks for an awesome summer. This post is for you.





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