How to Make a Music Video

How to Make a Music Video

So you want to star in your very own music video. Well its easy. All you need is something to film yourself with (I use my iPhone) and some editing software (I use VideoStar)


STEP 1 Download VideoStar

STEP 2 Select your fav music

STEP 3 Dance and have fun


Top Tips:

1. Try not to have a messy background

2. Make sure your looking fab

3. Plan what you are going to do in your video

4. Make few different videos to see what works

5. Enjoy your masterpiece


If you don’t have anyone to film you thats no problem. I usually make my videos on my own. Just set your phone up on a shelf or something so you will be in frame and hit record.

I made this one a couple of weeks ago. I was on my own so filmed it myself.

(Note: I used iMovie to add the Alice in Wonderland clip at the beginning of this video)


Hope you like it.



What do you think? Leave a comment and if you want me too I’ll post some of my other music videos.

Thanks for watching



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