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As you know I love cool shoes, so you can imagine how excited I was when the lovely people from Lelli Kelly sent me two pairs of baseball boots from their amazing Teen Range. Both pairs are totally awesome. They are super comfy and easy to get on and off, thanks to the handy little side zip.


But best of all the boots are super cute. The white pair has loads of really cute little animal doodles on them and they are really bright and colourful. Which is great because I love bright and colourful so they go really well with lots of my outfits.


and as you would expect from Lelli Kelly the attention to detail is amazing. The boots are covered in little beads that highlight the patterns add texture and make the designs sparkle. I totally love them.

It was really hard to decide which pair I liked the most and I still can’t decide between them. The pink pair are just as comfy and easy to wear but have a cool rose design which i absolutely love. You can wear these boots with just about any outfit and they will make it look great. They even make me look good in my bunny onsie.

lk pink

The roses and detail on the boots are bang on trend and are  highlighted with beautiful beads and sequins that make these boots really stand out from other boots. The boots even come in a range of thick or thin soles.bunny_circlesv2

pink hearts

I am totally in love with my new Lelli Kelly Teen boots and haven’t stopped wearing them since I got them. If you want to keep updated with new products from the new Teen Range you can follow Lelli Kelly Teen on twitter @LK4Teens

I’d love to hear what you think of the new LK Teen range. Leave a comment and let me know.



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