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Namaste, Bienvenue, Ciao! How do you do? TATI’S HOTEL IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS !

I can’t believe its been almost 3 years since I filmed Tati’s Hotel.

Being Tati was such an amazing experience. She is a little girl who runs a big magical hotel. Lots of fun guests come to stay at the hotel and with the help of her friends Tati brings magic into everyones life.

This was the very first acting audition that I had to read for, so you can imagine my surprise when I was offered the role. The audition process took a couple of months and I had to audition 5 times before they offered me the part. The show is aimed at pre school kids and is about a young girl called Tati (me) who runs a magical hotel. Each week a new guest arrives and it is Tati’s job to help solve their problems. Tati has a magical key that she uses to create magical rooms for all of her guests to stay in. The show was filmed in Cardiff so me and my mom had to leave my dad and brother and move to Cardiff for 3 months while we did all the filming. The production company gave us a really nice apartment that over looked Cardiff Bay which was amazing. For the first few days I had rehearsals and got to know the other people who would be acting on the show. Everyone was really nice to me and just wanted to make sure I was okay. I was only 7 when we started filming and I think they where worried I might get homesick. The studio was set up in a huge warehouse, there was the main hotel lobby set, the corridor set and bedroom sets. The set was amazing, it was so magical and beautiful. Everyday I went in they had created a new bedroom set and I was always really excited to see what it would look like. Outside I had my own trailer and there was a cabin for tutoring. Each evening I was given the script and lines to learn for the next day and each morning I was picked up by a car outside our apartment. I had to go straight to wardrobe to get my costume on then it was off  the hair and makeup. After that I had to go straight to tutoring where I would work on school work until I was needed on set. In all we filmed 26 episodes of Tati’s Hotel and it was so much fun.

My favourite character was Chester the Cat. I loved my scenes with him. He would sit in my office and always help me come up with ideas to help the guests.

Tatis Hotel May and Chester

Some behind the scenes photo’s


tatis hotel

Tatis pic

The Tati Team.

Dizzy, Linney, Mr Snapweasle, Bopper and Tati

Tatis Hotel

Tati’s Hotel has its own website full of fun games for kids aged 4 to 6 years.

and an iPhone app featuring me!!! The app is actually really cool even though it is aimed at young kids. Its kind of a puzzle slider game. Its pretty easy but the best thing is  that it has a timer so you can see who can do the puzzles fastest. My little brother loves it.



Tati’s Hotel airs on CITV in the UK on TVO in Canada and on Disney channel in Australia.


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  • Annie

    I am having fun looking through your blog…my mom showed it to me because she thought I would like it. I like your cat too! I am going to see if I can get your app!

  • Mya Lecia

    Hi, thanks so much for commenting. Your blog is so amazing. You are so luck to have a horse!! I’ve been riding a couple of times and loved it. I’m working on a new TV Show now. I’m filming in Scotland but have the day off tomorrow to see the city. I’ll post all about soon. Mya x

  • Bella

    I have only known about this show for 12 minutes,and I love Tatis Hotel.

  • Mya Lecia

    Hey Bella, thanks so much i loved playing Tati. Your going to love my the new show I’m working on its totally awesome. We start filming next week. Keep reading for more details. Mya x


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