Homemade Play Doh (Picture Tutorial)

homemade play dough

I make play dough with my mom all the time, its really easy to make and loads of fun to play with. This picture tutorial will show you how to make homemade play dough (play doh) without cream of tarter. Cream of tarter just makes the play dough a bit more stretchy so if you have some feel free to add 2 tablespoons to the mix but if you don’t have it don’t worry, the play dough will turn out just fine without it.

How to make play dough.

You will need:

1 cups plain flour

1/2 cup of salt

1 tablespoons of cooking oil

Food colouring

1 cups of boiling water

NOTE: If you want you can add peppermint oil to make it smell nice or you can even add glitter to the mx to make it sparkle


Put all the ingredients in a bowl

home made play dough picture tutorial 1


Add the boiling water (You may want to get a grown up to help you with this part)


home made play dough picture tutorial 2



Stir all the ingredients with a spoon. Because the water is hot i always wear thick rubber gloves when i do this bit.


home made play dough picture tutorial 3


Keep string until the mixture is thick and hard to stir and looks something like this


home made play dough picture tutorial 4



Then take the mixture out of the bowl and kneed with your hands keep kneading it until all the colour is mixed and even. I keep my gloves on for this part to as the dough will still be hot


home made play dough picture tutorial 5



Once it has cooled down you will be able to handle it without gloves. Keep kneading it until it begins to look and feel like play dough.


home made play dough picture tutorial 6


Thats it. When you’ve finished you should have a nice big ball of play dough

home made play dough picture tutorial 7


Then all you need to do is play……

Here is what me and my brother made:


play dough fun



play dough fun1



play dough fun 3


play dough fun 4


By Mya Lecia

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  • Mr. Saunders' Class

    Our class just read your blog. We like how you showed us how to make play dough. We loved all the pictures. What is the white thing in the first picture?

  • Mya Lecia

    Hi Mr Saunders and a big Hello to everyone in your class. So glad you all liked the blog. I love this recipe for play dough, it is so easy to make. The white thing in the first picture is a pot of food colouring. I did mean to put a picture of all thing ingredients but forgot when I added the pictures. I might add it in later as I think it might be helpful. Thanks so much for visiting, please come back and visit again soon. I am planning to post lots more easy and fun crafts and recipes. Good luck making the play dough. If you send me some pictures of your creations I feature them on the blog. Lots of Love Mya xx P.S Thanks for leaving a comment. I love to hear from the wonderful people who read my blog


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