Fairy Donuts

Fairy Donuts

When I lost my tooth the other day I decided to make some fairy donuts for the tooth fairy (never hurts to be nice to a fairy thats bringing you money). They are actually just cheerios that I decorated. For the sugared ones i dipped each cheerio in a little water then rolled them in icing sugar. The chocolate ones I rolled in Nutella and the iced ones I  added icing and them covered them in little sprinkles. Then I put some coloured paper into a match box and put all my little fairy donuts inside.

I wrote a little note to the tooth fairy and rolled it up and tied it with a little bit of string and left my tooth out for her on a little red pillow that I made with some scrapes of felt. My mom drew a little room on the inside of a box we had and we left it all out for the tooth fairy.

fairy donut room

She left me a bottle of fairy dust and a shiny two pound coin. Definitely worth the effort.

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  • Leah

    oh my gosh you got actual fairy dust! that is so cool! How do you make a blog cause I want one just like this!

  • Mya Lecia

    Hey Leah, I know fairy dust is so amazing. Its great that you want to start blogging too. I’m still new to it but I’m really enjoying it. Everyone has been so nice to me. If you want to start a blog you can go to wordpress.com you can sign up and start a blog for free. you can also go to blogger.com. I might do a post on how to start a blog, that way I can give you more details. Hope this helps and good luck with starting your blog. Let me know when you get it started and I’ll be your first follower :) Mya x

  • Bella

    This sight is awsome!!

  • Mya Lecia

    Thanks so much. Mya x

  • Vaishali

    Hi! My name is Vaishali and I am 8 years old. I love your mini donuts and recently made a whole picnic setup with miniature food, for my dad’s birthday. I wish I could grab one donut by reaching into the screen!! Looks so yummy. I started blogging recently and the Miniature picnic was my 10th post. Please visit my blog at …http://viewthroughmykaleidoscope.wordpress.com/

  • Mya Lecia

    Hi Vaishali, Thanks so much for commenting. i had so much fun making the fairy donuts. I love your blog your doing an amazing job. Your paper picnic is so cute. Your dad is so lucky. Keep reading and follow me if you want to keep updated with all the latest news. Keep blogging. Mya x


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