How to Make Felt Cookies

felt cookie

I love felt food. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just because felt is really easy to use and everything looks so cute. I was looking through my moms craft draw the other day when I found a bag of felt that had been cut ready to make felt cookies and for whatever reason we never got around to making them. So as I had some spare time I decided to made them. Felt cookies are really easy to make and you can add a few drops of strawberry or vanilla essence to the stuffing to make them smell delicious.

Heres what you’ll need:

felt cookies 1

two different coloured pieces of felt ( any colours will do)

some embroidery thread

a needle

some beads (for sprinkles)

a pair of scissors


Heres what you’ll need to do:

Pin two pieces of felt together. Draw a circle (I used the top of a milk bottle to draw around) and cut out the circle. By pinning to pieces of felt together it means that you only have to cut round the circle once and both circles will be the same size. These will be your cookie pieces.

felt cookie 2


Once you cut these out take the other colour piece of felt and cut a random blob shape. This will be your icing.

felt cookies 3


Take the beads and stitch them randomly to your icing.

felt cookies 4


When you’ve finished stitch your icing piece to one of your cookie pieces. Don’t worry if you can see the stitches. in fact it looks better if you can see them.

felt cookie 5


Once you’ve done that take the other cookie piece and stitch it to the bottom of your cookie. Again it okay to see the stitches. Sew it just over half way round then add the stuffing in. You can add a couple of drops of scented oil to the stuffing to make it smell nice but be careful, if you add to much oil it will come through the felt.

felt cookie 6

Once the stuffing is in stitch the cookie all the way around.

felt cookie 7


Thats it. You can make them in all colours and sizes. If you make a few you could even pack them in a cute little box. They would make a great gift or you could just keep them to play with yourself.

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