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I’ve done loads of TV commercials but my favourite was when I was a Rockstar in a ad for a new Sony TV. The advert only lasts 60 seconds but took 4 days to film. I lost two of my front teeth just before filming but no one seemed to mind. The other girls where great and we had loads of fun.

The advert was shown all around the world. Check it out, I’m the lead singer


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  • sana

    Hiiiii my names sana im from the UK and I LOVE baking i’m 12 years old!!! I have been baking since the age of 3! and I enjoy it because its fun!

  • Admin

    Hi Sana, I love baking too. Keep reading I’ll be adding some posts with some great cupcake and biscuit recipes. Thanks for getting in touch. M x

  • Lexie

    Hey. You seem amazing – you’ve been in adverts, programmes, magazines. WOW!

    Please check out my blog at

    I review books, films, programmes, activities etc. that I’ve loved and hope my readers will as well

  • Mya Lecia

    Hey Lexie, thanks so much. Im working on a new TV show now. I start filming next week. Stay in touch for more details. I’ve been reading your blog and its awesome I love your Goth Girl review. Mya x

  • Lexie

    Thanks so much!! Goth Girl is so cool!

  • Adeola

    Hey Mya xx
    Its Ade Good luck on ur new tv Series I will miss U loads and so will the whole class
    lOTS OF love
    Ade xxx

  • Mya Lecia

    Hey Adeola, great to hear from you. I miss you all too. I have been busy getting to know all the cast and crew on the new show. Everyone is so nice and the script is amazing. its going to be a great show. I might have some time off soon so I’ll come and see you all. Mya x


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